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Creating a torrent to share media is easy through your BitTorrent client:

  1. Go to File on the Main Menu Bar, and click "Create New Torrent".
  2. Select what files or directories you want to add to this torrent and share.
  3. You need to add the tracker URLs so you can develop a peer base, starting with leechers off of your seed, and then creating seeders all around the world. There are many public tracker URLs that you can use. Plug any of these in to begin:
    Make sure that you leave the private torrent selection unchecked, unless you're planning on using a private tracker URL.
  4. After this step, save your torrent and upload it through our site to begin seeding your file!

Anyone caught uploading fake files, files containing advertising, password protected files, or any files containing viruses will be banned PERMANENTLY from our site.

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