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Copyright policy & Content removal serves as an index of files that are available through the tracker to download through the BitTorrent network. We do not host, directly link to, or provide uploads of any of the files listed on our site.

All of's processes are automated by the Google API to find BitTorrent websites contained on the Internet. When these websites are crawled by bots, the information about the files are saved to the database. We at have no control over this process, nor does have any control over what file information is indexed, as they only store the information about the files, and don't store the files. is in complete compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), as well as international copyright laws. Our policy is to respond to any and all copyright infringement notices, and take the actions necessary under relevant intellectual property laws.

Removal Procedure

If you come across any of your own copyrighted material that has been indexed by, and you would like this material to be removed from the index, you must submit a written correspondence with us referencing each piece of material that you claim ownership of.

The correspondence must include the following information in full in order to be considered for removal:

  • A complete list of all content you would like to have removed from the site, including the URL for each piece of content on the site.
  • Your full contact information so that we can contact you, such as your full mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
  • Any and all pieces of relevant evidence that you own the copyright to the material, or that you are an entitled representative of the person or company that owns the content.

All of this information should be emailed to[at] Please allow 24-48 hours during the business week for a response.

We respond to all removal requests, and take them very seriously. If you supply us with the requested information, and it meets the necessary guidelines, we will quickly remove the copyrighted material from the index. This process, however, is hindered when the request is coupled with threats or legal action. Please allow us the courtesy before becoming threatening towards our site.

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Copyright policy & Content removal