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Amateurz Info

Folder Porn Amateurz Info
Filename: Amateurz Info
Size: 6214.75 MB Health: Health: 0%
Added: 03 Sep 2008 Peers: 2 seeds & 23 leachers
Trackers: 1
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Folder Amateurz Info 6214.75 MB
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Lauren, I saw your interview on the TODAY show at the Olympics! Just wtnaed to say how lovely you look and how beautiful you are. I think about you every day. For months, I've been trying to think of something to say that would help you look forward to your life ahead and be excited about your opportunities. Well, I'm going to share what I've come up with, and please try to keep an open mind!You know fashion is not always about functionality. Just take a look at women's footwear through the ages! Now, how are we supposed to get anywhere fast in 6-inch spike heels? You now have a startling freedom to accessorize your image without being constrained to looking just like other women! Think about some iconic figures in classic literature, the Phantom of the Opera, for example. What are some new unusual and flashy ways you can depict a woman's face and hands? Fashion is supposed to inspire. Once again, we are looking at space exploration and possibly travel to other planets. In an unfamiliar environment, as human beings, we adapt to new demands placed on us. How can you represent that visually with accessories that other women can't wear? I will be watching to see what you are wearing on your face and hands. Also, on a more serious note: Lauren, there is so much suffering in the celebrity world that most of the rest of us can't see. With the infirmity you bear each day that you can't hide, you bring comfort to others. The serenity, grace and understanding I can see now on your face since your accident isn't shared by other lovely women your age anywhere on Earth. You have really become a gem. Please continue to let our Lord work in your life.My best to you, God bless you.
Posted By Posted by Sarri Calendar 09 Nov 2015 at 23:33
Hi LaurenI remember your acnidect last December and when my wife and I learned the news we immediately began to pray for your recovery. I watched your NBC interview online today and you look amazing. You have given all of the glory for your recovery to the Lord and you are a wonderful inspiration to followers of Jesus who have heard your story and your testimony. Thank you for being willing to share about your acnidect and your miraculous recovery. I have written several books and I speak to college students all over the country. I am going to share the story of your determination not to give up. I tell them that in the real world whining is not allowed. You are a testament to that. I pray your recovery continues to go well. Bill van SteenisReExamine LifeHolland, Michigan [url=]lxnfyjxp[/url] [link=]cxqjuhuxamw[/link]
Posted By Posted by Jayraj Calendar 11 Nov 2015 at 16:17
Dear Lauren,I remember haneirg of your accident in December and later would hear updates on the news about your thoughts after the accident and I would think what a brave person. So I am watching the Today Show in London and heard you were going to be on the show. I am so happy you are doing much better and you look fantastic, awesome and of course beautiful. Take care. [url=]wnkzhfxc[/url] [link=]fqulhzh[/link]
Posted By Posted by Yukie Calendar 15 Nov 2015 at 04:56
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