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What is is one of the biggest BitTorrent search engines on the Internet today. We service our members by allowing them access to the torrent files that allow them to use a BitTorrent client to download what they want.

What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent uses peer-to-peer technology to share and distribute files of all types. Basically, you need it to download what you desire.

For further information, check out these links:

Where can I download a BitTorrent Client so I can start downloading files?

Check out these sites to find the BitTorrent Client that's right for you:

How do I go about downloading files with BitTorrent?

  1. You need to download, install and go through the setup process of a BitTorrent client of your choice.
  2. Download any of the torrent files from and open it.
  3. The torrent file should automatically open up the BitTorrent client you installed, and then prompt you to give it a location to save the requested file.
  4. You'll then see your download begin. As soon as it's done, you'll be able to use your requested file.

What does a .torrent file do?

A .torrent file is a metadata, or an information file. It basically contains the data pertaining to the actual file you want to download. When it is opened by a BitTorrent client, it relays this information, and then allows it to start downloading the file you want by connecting to what is called a tracker.

What is a tracker?

A tracker is a server that is on the Internet that receives the information from the BitTorrent client and enables the download by connecting you to peers who are also downloading, or have downloaded, the same file you requested.

What is a private tracker?

A private tracker is the same as a regular tracker, except that you need to register with that tracker first before using it. This way, the owners of the trackers can regulate their peers, and allow for faster downloads because seeders have to allow other people to download from them after they are done downloading the file.

What does a seed mean?

A seed, or a seeder, is someone that has finished downloading the file from BitTorrent. That means that they can allow other downloaders, or leechers, to pull data for that file so they can complete their downloaders and become seeders as well. Seeders are the lifeblood of BitTorrent communities, as they allow for quicker downloads the more seeders there are.

I downloaded a file, and it contains the file extensions .rar, .r01, .r02 and others like it. What do I do with it?

This means that the file you requested was archived to allow for a quicker download since the total size of your file is shrunk. You need a program such as WinRAR, or other programs that can open an archived file with these extensions, in order to extract your file.

I downloaded an archived file, but it's password protected. How can I unlock it?

Most likely, the password of the file is the URL that's contained in the name of the actual torrent file. You can also try the tracker URL, which would be in the torrent details. If those didn't work, try looking for the password at the tracker's actual URL, or browse our forums for them. Chances are, one of these pathways will get you your password.

I downloaded a video, but it doesn't play on my computer. Is it broken?

Videos are encoded in many different ways online, and if you download something that doesn't work right, such as no video, but sound, or if it doesn't play at all, then you probably need a codec update. This is a decoder for your video media player that allows for multiple video formats to be played correctly. Make sure you have the most recent updates, especially for the DivX codec, or try a program like AVIcodec to find out exactly which one you need. All it takes is some searching online for the various codecs, and then downloading them and installing them for you to have the most recent.

I downloaded a file, but it's in a .cue, .bin, .iso, or .nrg file format. What do these mean?

If you come across any of these file extensions after downloading a file, you've downloaded a CD image file. That means that you need to burn these to a CD or DVD to play them, or you can use a program like MagicISO to extract the files within the image on your hard drive.

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